Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Undeniable Link Between Responsibility and Performance

If anyone wondered how leadership and performance was connected look at the statistics of the India-Australia series on the board. Captain Steve Smith who I thought was a leg spinner who could bat a bit when I saw him playing the IPL just struck four centuries in four games, each time taking Australia into a match winning position. I don't think he has played this well ever before. Australia's young captain has certainly taken the right attitude to responsibility (which comes with captaincy and leadership for those who are unaware.)

And then look at the other side. Virat Kohli has led India in the first couple of matches (and in the current match) and he has already notched up three centuries.

Responsibility and leadership. Ownership and performance. The link is clear.

Now, how does one get into that state of mind even if one is not the leader? This is the subject of a new workshop we tried recently - Personal Leadership and Champion Teams. The feedback was  encouraging. The participants mentioned all the right words. 

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