Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Sunday Trek - The Sandwich Rock

Vasu had discovered a small hillock near the ORR and had invited us to what was a small trek. To get on top of the hillock one needed to trek up a rough part of the hillock. Its was a small walk, just a little more than three quarters of an hour. Vasu's son Ishan and Anjali were keen to climb. My nephew Abhishek joined us, Madhav and Koni, Vasu the leader of the expedition and I, made up the rest of the numbers.We gathered at the given spot at 8 am.
Off the road, into life

Children checking out a bird

Look children this is a calf!
The first part of the walk was getting off the shoulder of the road, and walking past some small approach roads into the fields. The fact that we got off the road itself made us feel very adventurous. The sight of cows and calves added to the mystery of life. The lack of organised and mechanised life made it all seen pretty natural and rustic. Fact was that we were a few hundred metres from the ORR and a few kilometres from some of the most violent construction activity one can see.
The climb begins, the thorns appear

Ishan and Anjali resting

Joined by me
Once we dipped in, the experience grew more interesting. We passed by a small group of young kids, not much older than Anjali, passed a small construction site with its tin buildings, its occupants brushing teeth and cooking breakfast etc. The path became more disorganised as the climb started, bushes were taller and pricklier, horny branches appeared and the ground could barely be seen. We pushed our way past the plain part. Then the climb started. Rocky, sharp and needed some care and attention. Not much of a climb but needed to be done slowly in the interests of safety.
Let there be light

A view of the new city

Some of the members of the expedition refreshing themselves
The young ones did a commendable job. We were soon close to the top. The top itself being a huge boulder or boulders, set like a sandwich, in  a very Hyderabadi fashion, which needed some more effort.
The sandwich rock

Vasu. Ishan and Abhishek pushed themselves some more and went into those crevices between those huge rocks - which may not be there for long considering the development in the area. The rest of us enjoyed the scenery. After a short stay up there, we walked back from the other side, descended down the shoulder of the hillock in a much more easier route and hit the path ways.
Vashu holding up the world - enter the sandwich rock

Abhishek in the sandwich rock

A moment to enjoy the achievement - Vasu and Ishan

Ishan and Vasu returning back from the sandwich route

At the construction site we stopped for a tea. It was then that we noticed a sign put up in that wilderness - for anti-snake venom serum, contact this mobile number.

The King of the world - Madhav enjoying his stay at the top

The world

Heading down - a world that may soon disappear

A temple, note the bricks by its side
Some calf patting on the way back by the kids and the experience was complete.
Uncharted paths

Gabbar territory

Calf patting
It took close to two hours perhaps but s always with anything new, it was well worth it.

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Unknown said...

Nice trek, nice pics, nice story - a Sunday well spent. Vasu