Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year - Have a Fun Year

AND we have another Happy New Year.


What do we do with her?

These days the date, year just flips and we comfortably move on to the next year. There was a time in our youth when it was somehow seen as a period of great opportunity, great hope. Now every day comes with the same opportunity and hope. Or so we tell ourselves.

There was a time when we'd call friends and frantically decide aggressively on having fun. Now we are very comfortable in our own skin, in not getting a call, in not making a call and in taking it as it comes. It's fun these days without noise. Without political talk.

The New Year we also realise, is as Happy as we make it.

A look at the dark sky and a feel of the cold night and we are transported some twenty years. There were New Year parties one remembers. Friends, food and drinks. Songs, dance and laughter. Cold winters, bike rides and love. Cakes, hugs and smiles. Chai in the morning and a sense of quiet the day after.

The first finally arrives like a beautiful lady. So, she says, you were celebrating my arrival? What now?

And we were a bit too perplexed to handle her. In her fullness and in her beauty. In her innocence and in her promise. She's there in all its glory, with all its resources. Now do we want to woo her or do we wait for her to go away?

As the year goes by, her beauty fades. She gets jaded. Not the one for me we think. Ah, but the year is moving on, we can get a brand new one soon. And again on New year, she comes back. Same promise. Are we different?

Happy New Ourselves?

I watched this movie New Year Eve on television for a while. It reminded me of all the times we have had on New Year's Eve. Times when there were not drunken driving laws, when loud music was heaven, when getting drunk was the only goal and everyone was keen to laugh to death. We knew little of the world and that little was fun.

To all those who shared the many New Years. And specially to those who stole some milk at three in the morning because they ran out of stuff to mix their drink. May the same mischievous spirit prevail through 2015. The beautiful lady likes some fun, some mischief. Make it worth her while while she is here.

Wishing you all a fun 2015. As for me, I'll  think I'll stop taking myself so seriously and have some fun. Perhaps take 2015 on a fun ride. Poor thing has been waiting for so long. 

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