Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 - What Happened To Me or What I Did

Places - Visited Mysore in summer and enjoyed the quiet little town. Srisailam was a day trip with the guys. Badami, Aihole and Patadakkal were a revelation. Goa was absolute fun. My big five are still elusive. This year somehow.

Blogs - I managed to rustle up 427 blogs as against 396 last year.

Books - I manged to read 50 books which is a marginal slip from 51. But this year I was reading many more self-help, leadership and sports books for 50 not out. I was blown away by a few - Annihilation of Caste, Dirge of the Dammed are right up there. Among the non-fiction Tao of Abundance and The Richest Man in Babylon made a big difference. Whale Done and Leadership by Confucius were two others that made lots of sense.

Movies - Watched 91 movies! As against the 75 I saw last year. Again tried to see some stuff that I missed. Apartment, Some like it hot, Dr. Zhiavago, Raging bull, Anand and other classics.

Music concerts - Yanni at Bangalore was the one and only concert I went to.

Workshops - Picked up this year. I did 3 team building workshops, 1 Personal Leadership workshop, 3 leadership workshops, one champion MBA workshop at the HCU and 5 Goal setting and Preparation workshops for youngsters. I signed up for a few more this year. Looks promising.

Interviews / People - This fell sharply. Wonder why? Two interviews. One published and the other two yet to be published. However I did many one-to-one discussions - on money, on mindsets, on film making, on cricket. Some I wrote as articles. I did a few interviews with Anjali too.

I got back to playing cricket every Sunday. I bowl for an hour and its so liberating that I cannot tell you how.

Music took a backseat this year somehow. Got to organise my music so I get the best of it this year.

Got some wonderful gifts again. Naresh Raghvan gave me a gift for a lifetime - a Kindle reader. Suresh gave me books and many new experiences. I enjoyed the Thank You experiment which I did.

The biggest achievement of all was seeing '50 Not Out'. Ah, this book had me cross a big barrier.

Overall I think I got a bit more grounded this year. .I enjoyed the workshops on Radical Forgiveness that I attended and all the gyan I got from them apart from the fun. Now for 2014 before it runs away from me.


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