Saturday, January 24, 2015

Review 2 - Blog on 50 Not Out!

Vinod Ekbote, my mirchi bajji eating and coffee drinking partner, scourer unparallelled of second hand book markets in Hyderabad and Secunderabad and many other cities, owner and connoisseur of some rare fountain pens, owner of one of the most enviable collections of books I have ever seen, owner of a generous heart that gifts away precious books, pens, gifts to see a smile on the faces of those he cares for, literary man (miles ahead of me, I know nothing literary really), pursuer and student of literary festivals, authors and their works, loyal friend, loving parent, son, spouse and sibling, recipient of Government of Andhra Pradesh award for Excellence at work which is evident in his forthright and honest manner of working, possessor of one of the wittiest pens I have ever read and one among two or three writers in the world who can make me laugh out loud while reading, knower of the difference between an irani chai and a pauna, a dilpasand and a dilbahar and such stuff that is available in Irani cafes, and possessor of a myriad more talents, blogs about 50 Not Out! on his much read blog. Its an honour Vinod bhai and I am grateful for the kind words, your constant support always.

We shall celebrate in the usual fashion today!

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