Monday, January 5, 2015

Anjali - Overhearing a Conversation

Anjali was in the back seat with Ashu, her four year old niece. Anjali was telling her mother how she loved watching a Shahrukh - Kajol song from DDLJ - Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main. She is completely into the song these days.

'I like the part when he sings and gets drunk,' she said.

My ears cocked up. So what does she know about 'drunk'?

Ashu, the four year old, asked.
'What is drunk?'
Anjali replied.
'When they drink alcohol, they behave like they are mad.'

Ashu asked again.
'What is mad?'
'They behave like they have no brains.'

Luckily Ashu did not ask what alcohol is. I wonder what Anjali would have told her. I would have loved the conversation to go on but they got distracted.

But a fair enough understanding for a 7 year old of these words - drunk, mad. That's what children think of adults and their ideas of having fun.

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