Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gulliver's Travels - Movie Review

Jack Black is Gulliver, in this loosely adapted version from the original. He is a guy from the mail room working in newspaper publication. He has dreams but never does anything to fulfil them - one of them being his love for Darcy, a travel editor. When his junior gets promoted over him for showing more interest and initiative at work Gulliver realises he needs to do something. He applies for a travel writer's job,  plagiarises stuff from the net, impresses Darcy and gets an assignment in Bermuda.

In Bermuda he gets hit by a storm and lands up in Lilliput with its tiny people. Gulliver uses all his Jack Blackish techniques to get accepted by the people. But then his main contender General Edward exposes him, Darcy comes, Gulliver redeems himself. He gets Darcy. Princess gets Horatio. All ends well.

Anjali loved it.

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