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Sujok, Painless, Drugless Treatment for All Ailments - Dr. Madhuri Pai

Case 1.
Dr. Nalini Nargundkar, 84 years old, woke up with severe pain on November 2, 2013 at her home in Pune. She could not stand, sit or walk. There was severe pain in her back. ankles and heel and she could not even bear to touch the ground. Severe neck pain started from the left ear, spread down to the left shoulder and arm and froze both the neck and left arm. She could hardly walk and was helped to her son's house in the same town.

An orthopedic surgeon was consulted and after tests and X rays, she was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis, sciatica, calcaneal spur and arthritis of the left knee. A neck collar was given along with a list of medicines. Injections for B1-B12, pain killers, paracetamol were given. Physiotherapy was started. An MRI was taken. Massage, fomentation, rest, pain killers. Nothing helped. She was in severe pain, her body contorted.

'I was paying Rs. 400 a day for physiotherapy. There was no relief from pain. They left it at that.'

She came to Hyderabad. She had heard of Sujok, a Korean treatment which treats all ailments of the body by treating the hands and feet only. The treatment does not use drugs, is painless and has no side effects. It uses colour therapy, magnet therapy, needle therapy and seed therapy.
Dr. Madhuri Pai administering needle therapy on Dr. Nalini Nargundkar
Dr. Nalini Nargundkar consulted Dr. Madhuri Pai, MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), a practicing medical doctor with over 20 years of experience and a well-known diabetologist who practices Sujok. Dr. Madhuri Pai had learnt Sujok on her own interest and had recently started seeing patients at her clinic in Motinagar, Hyderabad. Dr. Nalini Nargundkar went to her for treatment.

In Dr. Nalini's own words "Within a week my neck pain subsided. There was no need to wear a collar. My ankle pain became less in one week and almost disappeared in another week. In three weeks time I was fairly mobile and returned to Pune.'  In January, she returned for more treatment. "In two months the sciatica pain reduced and I returned to Pune where I continued taking Sujok treatment from a local doctor.'

In November I came back to Hyderabad. 'Now the shoulder pain reduced considerably. Sciatica has almost gone. Ankle and heel pain are much less.'

The difference.

"I could hardly sit in the car when I first came a year ago. I could move only with a walker or a chair for support. Now after this treatment I started walking around the courtyard at home to start with, then increased a bit more. Now I walk around the colony for 20 minutes - without even my walking stick. I have started yoga exercises. I hardly take the pain killer anymore - something which I used to take everyday."
Needle therapy on hands

Happy patient!

Case 2
Having seen the progress of Dr. Nalini Nargundkar's condition from close quarters, I went to Dr. Madhuri Pai with my varicose veins condition. I was originally scheduled for surgery but I decided to give Sujok a try. The treatment (needle therapy - works like acupuncture with small needles that are administered only on a few points on your hand - after which you wait for 30 minutes in stillness) lasted about 20 odd sittings. My varicose veins subsided. Where they'd stick up and show a couple of months ago, now they are almost not visible. The skin pigmentation around the foot has gone. I also feel much better, in many more ways.

There are a few other stories of how Sujok helped but these two cases are personal and closely watched ones.

What then is Sujok? And how does it help you?

Sujok is a treatment introduced by Prof. Park Jae Woo in Korea in 1987. Prof Park discovered that all ailments can be treated by treating our hands and feet which have corresponding points relating to all illnesses. (Su is hands, Jok is feet, in Korean). Since the treatments only use colors, seeds and needles, it is a natural, safe, drug-less, painless treatment that brings rapid and stable results, Considered an integrated health system Sujok treats almost all ailments. Acidity, Fatty liver, Neck pain, Back pain, Shoulder pain, Sciatica, Knee joints pain, Rheumatoid arthritis, Eye sight problems, Diabetes Mellitus, Juvenile diabetes, Thyroid problems are some of the ailments that have been treated with good results. 

Let's see what Dr. Madhuri Pai has to say about Sujok.

Interview with Dr. Madhuri Pai

Q. Why did you explore Sujok in the first place?
A. It all started when I first saw a program on TV about psychic surgeries and got interested in metaphysical therapies. I could not pursue the subject further because I went away to do my PG in Internal Medicine at Mangalore. Then I saw a TV program on Sujok which interested me. After my PG I came back and started looking for more information on Sujok. 

Q. What was it that interested you in Sujok?
A. I had myopia then. In conventional treatment for myopia, I had to wear contact lenses which was troublesome. Then I thought why not use Sujok. I treated myself after watching Sujok programs on TV and got rid of myopia in one month. I haven’t used glasses again and can see perfectly. It reaffirmed my faith in Sujok. This was in 2001.

Q. When did you feel the need to get formal training?
A. In 2012 I attended a certification course. After that I started using Sujok on chronically ill patients who were on painkillers, those who don't have any further treatment in allopathy. Arthritis, Spondilitis, Migraine, Rheumatoid Arthritis. I started seeing my patients at my regular clinic where I practice allopathy. The results were good in a short time and more interestingly, permanent. It was very encouraging and satisfying. So I started to see more cases.

Q. Does Sujok need any special training in medicine to be more effective?
A. Not really. It helps to have studied medicine certainly. The Sujok course is a comprehensive certification course. 

Q. How has your experience been so far?
A. In most cases of chronic pain Sujok works very well. Where people are constantly on painkillers this works wonders. Pain related disorders like Rheumatoid arthritis. Hypothyroidism also was treated. I have now started treating diabetics and thyroid patients with good results.

Q. At what stage is it best?
A. Any stage really.

Q. What does the patient require?
A. Faith in the treatment. And patience.

Q. How long before we see results?
A. Each treatment differs. Some get instant results. Some require time. Typically the cure is of a permanent nature provided they take a full course. 

Q. What are the ways of treatment in Sujok?
A. Seeds (various kinds), Magnets, Needles, Color therapies.

Q. What are the conditions for which you used Sujok successfully so far?
A. I had one case where Sujok worked very well on a miscarriage. I treated rheumatoid arthritis cases, threatened abortion, glaucoma cases, sciatica / cervical spondilitis, tinnitus. varicose veins, bed wetting, deafness due to viral infection, Ramsey Hunt syndrome among others.

Q. How does Sujok work really?
A. It harmonises the energy systems of the body. And the individual diseased organs.

Q. Do you see this as a complementary treatment which can work in conjunction with other treatments?
A. Yes. This is metaphysical. Allopathy is physical. If I combine both, the results are very good.

Q. How do doctors as a community react to Sujok?
A. There are a couple of doctor friends who have been treated by me. They are surprised that it works.

Q. Where does one learn Sujok if one wishes to?
A. The International Sujok Association (ISA) which is headed by Mr. Park Minchul, son of Prof. Park Jae Woo, and the Nagpur Research and Development Centre, are located at Nagpur. It is the global body of ISA. There are several Sujok therapists who are certified to take Sujok classes. You can find more information on the Internet.

Thus ended the interview with Dr. Madhuri Pai. There is a lot of information about Sujok that is available on the Internet. There are many certified practitioners too. Few of them are practising doctors as well. Personally I have had two experiences with Sujok and both have provided good results. Dr. Nalini Nargundkar's case is one that I saw unfolding before my eyes. No she walks without her walker or stick even and her constantly increasing rounds of the colony amaze us. 

As with any treatment which is not allopathy, there is much scepticism about Sujok too. Which is one reason why Dr. Madhuri Pai says that she prefers to deal with patients who are in chronic pain - they have no questions and follow the treatment faithfully. It needs faith in both the treatment and the doctor. It also needs patience as one has to go to the clinic and get it administered. But there are no restrictions of any kind and the results are almost magical. 

You can contact Dr. Madhuri Pai at Jubilee Medical and Diabetes Centre & Jubilee Su Jok Therapy Clinic, 101, Aarkey Plaza, Balaji Swarnapuri Colony, Rajeev Nagar ‘X’ Roads, Hyderabad. Phone 040-23838949 Timing: 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


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