Saturday, December 6, 2014

When I Talk, I Am Talking to Myself

Consider these four greetings.

Hiiii. - This from a person who is feeling great.
Hi. - This from a person who is just about there.
Hmm. - This from a person who is borderline in the negative and slipping.
Get out of here. - This from a person who is down there, totally negative and in a huge hole.
Infuse life
Or they could be the same person. (In fact, they are.)

Here's the story.
I caught myself saying an unusually cheery hello the other day. This came as a big surprise to me because this person who benefited from it was the usual pain - one I normally reserve for greeting number 4. But I continued on in this vein and the person was surprised etc etc.

After I left I wondered if I was beginning to like this person. Or perhaps, I was becoming like that person. This was a sad thought.

I thought some more. I noticed that my mood had been upbeat that particular morning owing to various other factors. The first person I encountered after my elevated mood swing was this - and all my love was showered on this person.

So it appears that when I am talking to someone, it is not that person who is affecting how I behave. It's me! In a good mood I am all cheer and happiness and charm and in a foul mood (the normal one) I am all fire and acid. In a mopy mood I drip self-pity. The other person is merely reflecting it like a mirror.

Which makes the other person almost irrelevant. Almost neutral.

On the other hand, in my world, my entire exercise seems to be to infect that person, whichever mood he or she is in, with my current mood. If I succeed we can both sail in the same boat pleasurably, miserably. If I don't I don't like that person much and leave instantly.

My existence seems to be to convert as many people I meet into clones of what I am feeling. I want more of myself. It's like some crazy alien horror movie. Only the alien monster here is me.

Ok, this is when I am infected by a mood and I carry on passing it. Huge plot point here. How can i use this information to save the world? Is it possible that I could, affect the others person by faking the emotion? Is it? Is it really possible?

Maybe by faking the emotion (the Hiiii one is preferable) I could uplift myself. I could address that part of me in others and it comes back to me through them (they are mirrors remember). I could then feel happy that some good is coming my way (little knowing that it's my fake Hiii that actually started it and is coming back to me magnified) and cling on to it.

We have a chain reaction here ladies and gentlemen.
Happiness, it appears, can be manufactured. Go forth then, and multiply it.

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