Monday, December 8, 2014

Paradoxes of Our Lives - It's Not The World That's The Villain, It's Us!

Every time we blame the world for something that is happening to us, it's not the world at fault.

It is us. We are doing all that we are blaming the world for. The world is merely reflecting it back to us.

For example, let's says we think the world is unfair, unreasonable, unloving, untrustworthy etc. Surely all of us resonate with that somewhere - at work, family, relationships.

The truth is that we are being unfair, unreasonable, unloving, untrustworthy - to the world at large, or worse, to ourselves.

Let us say, that the world is actually full of nice people with all good intentions. These nice people are also taking the trouble to mirror to us our deepest issues which, if resolved, can sort our lives out and move us towards a more peaceful and joyful existence. So the world and people in it are actually inert mirrors. What we put out, it instantly shows back to us. If we can see and feel what it is showing us (i.e. if what it shows back affects us, irritates us, makes us angry, upset, victimised etc), then we must understand that the world is being a good friend, showing us where we are going wrong. Gently.
If we can step back and accept that and be willing to make some changes, that's a start.

The cycle starts with us. If we start with being nice to ourselves, then we have something to give to the world. When we are fair, reasonable, loving, trusting to ourselves, we look at the world with those eyes. Then the world appears so.

When we are blaming the world, we are in a way blaming ourselves.

Take it easy. Go easy on yourself. Be nicer to yourself. Less harsh.

The world reflects this thought, this feeling, back to us. Everything is all right.

(Thanks Shobhs for somehow getting this across to us!)

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