Sunday, December 14, 2014

Anjali - On Good Teachers and Bad Teachers

The other day while driving to school Anjali and I chanced upon this topic. Of the teachers she liked, and the ones she does not so much fancy.

Teachers she likes are:
1) Funny
2) Kind
3) Interesting - they make stuff interesting
4) Not too strict - then they go around with faces like this (scowls)
5) A little strict - else there would be confusion

Teachers she does not like
1) Get too angry
2) Send you for time out for no reason - unjust
3) Are boring
4) Do not understand her problem and stick to only one way of doing things - she told me an example of how her music sir kept trying to make her change the 1,2,3,4 even though she was not able to do it and would get upset with her. Patience perhaps.

The formula then, from a seven year old's perspective, seems to be to - be fun, be interesting, kind, compassionate, patient, a bit strict, not get too angry and scowl and certainly not be unjust.

Once again fun comes up. It's a good companion for interesting. Interesting itself could be an off shoot of knowing the subject well and understanding the audience well enough to facilitate learning powerfully through various ways. Kind and compassionate do make for a trusting atmosphere just as being just is an absolute must for trust.

Thanks Anjali.