Thursday, December 11, 2014

Virat Kohli - Tough As Nails

This guy is probably the toughest we have seen in recent times. Certainly among his contemporaries. And today's incident proves it once again. Skipper Kohli walks in with India in a spot of bother and gets a bouncer first up from the most feared fast bowler on the planet now - Mitchell Johnson. He ducks, but only manages to get into the line of the ball. It hits him straight on the forehead. Ball is travelling upwards of 145 kmph (I assume).

There is silence all around. Mitchell Johnson slows down and you can see it all going cold. The memory of last week's incident is only too alive. 

Kohli stands straight. Takes off the helmet, checks it, does not give an inch. No smiles, nothing. The Aussies crowd around him. Johnson walks up softly, peering of see if there is any trace of damage. He looks relieved that Kohli is fine. The Aussies peel off. Kohli is ready for the next ball.

Johnson is shaken. Clarke walks to him and pats him on his back. Next ball please.

Kohli scores 115 of the most solid and confident runs and pulls India out of the woods. At least temporarily. When he gets to his hundred he kisses his helmet. Not the protective gear, but what he is representing.

Tough as nails. You have a captain who is like that, everyone stands up. This should be an interesting series. 

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