Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Personal Leadership Program Through Cricket - Upto75 Team at ML Jaisimha Academy

I tried this program out for the first time using cricket as a medium to experience 'Personal Leadership'. The core idea is that people perform better when they think like leaders. Leadership gives them more responsibility, an overall picture, concern about others' performance and mostly concern about their own performance with team in focus. Since everyone cannot be leaders, it was always a challenge to pull this program off.
The Upto75 team - Raj, Dayakar, Vijaya, Rama, Raju, Santosh, Kishan, Me, Roopesh, Jawad, Sharath, Tej, Ramaraju, (sitting) Harsha and Sushmita

All leaders have one problem - how do I get everyone to work with the same kind of madness I do. At one end we have armies where these situations are more magnified because it is a question of life and death, of honour and pride. At another extreme are businesses where people come with options for employment i.e. work or no work is an option (it is not life and death for them, only a choice). In sports and games there is an in-between area where it is an option to lose, but the effect is felt immediately. You feel the pinch of losing, your performance is under scrutiny.So what better way than to play a team game like cricket to bring these aspects out?
In serious thought - Think like a Leader
Ramaraju was kind enough to agree and take an afternoon off from work with his team. Everyone turned up dressed smartly in the Upto75 t shirts. Ram, Tej, Jawad, Roopesh, Sharath, Sushmita, Raju, Kishan, Raj, Santosh, Vijaya, Rama, Dayakar and Ram completed the team. Sagar assisted me.
Sharing thoughts on ownership
The three games had three distinct themes;
- our attitudes to work places
- thinking like a leader and taking more ownership for our performance
- thinking like a leader and taking more ownership for the team / others
All down on the grass and discussing personal leadership
The participation was excellent. Though the time was short, they enjoyed themselves, participated fully and took away many learnings. More importantly they gave me an opportunity to learn many things about how to fine tune the program before I take it out in a full day program later.

Some learning they shared.
1) The team leader plays an important role in directing the team. By understanding, supporting and respecting one another we can perform better. Must understand one's role in the team. 

2)The team excels when each member mentally commits to give 100%. Team must  enjoy the process.

3) Team's goal is important. So work as an individual to achieve that by giving your best.

4) Personal leadership helps in team building. Focus on team.

5) Constant support and encouragement from team helps immensely. Taking personal initiative and leadership helps us to perform better as individuals and as a team.

6) A mediocre team if it comes together can start performing. Be part of the team, lead from the front.

7) Analyse own skill and others skills and share to improve as an individual and a team.

8) Encourage lower performing guys and team performance will improve.

9) Build an environment in the team where everyone can perform. Always move forward.

Nice! Thanks everyone.

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