Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thought for the Day - The Link Between Fun, Fear and Productivity

Our lives are limited by only one thing. Fear. Fear limits our imaginations. Our actions

Our fear comes from being responsible for the outcome. Failure or success. It's serious business.

So let's break these shackles of seriousness. Let's play for fun. We are not bound by the result and are only responsible for  the process. We are in a great position - all freedom, no responsibility. Go have fun.

So here we are. Having fun. Being irreverent. Being intense. Breaking boundaries. Questioning. Ducking. Weaving. Pushing. Shoving.

Chasing fun.

What does it do? Fun makes people irresponsible.
Not really. If we were serious instead we are back in a fearful space again - that if we have fun, we might not give our best.

But tell me this. Is your energy highest when you are serious or when you are having fun?
When you are having fun, right? So that's the best place to be.

Add fun. Be focussed on the outcome., be mischievous, be creative, be wicked, be wily. It whips up the energy in the environment,

And out of this high energy space come newer thoughts. High enthusiasm draws good energy. You attract great people. You attract the best in people, You even attract more luck. The best thing is that when you are having fun, you don't have fear. What's to fear? It's win win. If you win you are in good space. If you lose, you still had fun right?

Anyway you see it, fun is great for productivity, To have fun, to be a part of a high energy team is what everyone dreams of. High energy teams sustain themselves only on fun. That's their fuel. If you're serious, you drain energy. That's high stress teams for you.

All fear of making a mistake goes out of the window when we're having fun. We are more compassionate, more accommodating. We are looking out for one another. We push one another. The atmosphere is chilled out because of the fun. The energy is good. Team mates do not fear the environment, do not fear non-performance.

Fear is mitigated.

Productivity is increased. And we all had fun anyway. Who was working?

Find the fun. Find the mischief. Bring the zing back into your life. See how it suddenly takes off into another level. You can find it in every moment. Look for it. I am over the moon right now. You could be too.