Saturday, December 6, 2014

How to Earn a Living - Creative and Uncreative Ways

After looking at the ways of the world for a few decades I have come to the conclusion that there are many ways of making a living. What interests me is how a living can be earned.
Don't let the sun go down on me
Most uncreative ways of making a living:
These forms are crude and prehistoric. They involve waging war and taking over others properties and belongings, stealing, robbing, confiscating. The earnings have been stolen. obtained by hook or crook, by force or subterfuge.
Negative energy. Rule is by fear. Mostly the perpetrators will die by the same method. Will be feared and despised.

Uncreative, dishonest ways of earning a living:
This is using a position and troubling people by misusing its power. Corruption is one form of this. Insider trading, landgrabbing, cheating are all forms of this method. From common thieves to corporate bandits, dacoits to landgrabbers, sarkari clerks to cheating businessmen, they all fall in this category.
Negative energy. Drains the world. Hoard and store. Cannot enjoy the money as they are constantly living in fear of losing it.

Uncreative, honest ways of making a living:
This is where you have nothing to offer and consider yourself pretty useless so you hang around and beg or wait for the world to give you something to get by. No creative thought.
Zero energy. As good as dead.

Slightly more creative ways of earning a living:
This is by accumulating some skill and using it well in exchange to earn a living. You can gain employment, start a business, give advice.
Positive energy. Unsure space. Will at least sustain themselves and not drain the world of its energy. There is an incremental benefit to the world. Nothing stunning or excitement.

Most creative ways of earning a living:
This is where by making a small shift, introducing a fresh thought, an unmet need of the world is met. People feeling lonely, scared, people wanting recognition, people wanting to be connected etc etc suddenly find that there is a medium and are attracted to it. Their needs are met, you sit back and just make it better. They are happy, you are happy, the world is happy.
High energy. Exciting and positive energy. New wealth is created in the system. The world is a better place because.

You can make a living and enliven many more lives or you can make a living at the cost of many lives. Or you could just survive and die. It's a matter of attitude, of using the grey cells.

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