Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thought for the Day - When Are Things Really Done?

This is a question that always bothered me. At what stage is something really done from my end?

For a long time I thought that doing things 'fully done' before giving them over to the boss, the editor etc was about keeping something in reserve. Knowing that someone else is going to go through it (and that the work might not get printed in its current avatar) allows me to sign off at 80% (or so I thought) and wait for the feedback.

But it's really done only if you are ready to see your work published or taken into public domain in its present shape. Only when you are ready to to seal it, bind it and package it and say - Hey, that's mine. As a gift or memento for someone you love.

Would you invest on putting the finishing touches, on packaging your work in its final shape? If you are ready to do that, you are done.

The next time you need to sign off on anything from your end, think about it. Would you package it in its current form and gift it to someone you love?

If there is something still to be done, hold on. Finish that and then, let it go.


Rajendra said...

On a lighter note, when it's done dona-done, to quote the stand-up comic Mr. Surendra Sharma.

Harimohan said...

Yes, that's when we can go done dona-done and not before that...

Madhav said...

Some things never ever get done.

Harimohan said...

Ha Madhav bhai, some things never get done. Wonder why? Are we not really keen on those? Is it just not meant to be? Or is it because those projects prepare us for other things? In those circs, when do we let go?