Friday, July 12, 2013

Thought for the Day - Why We Must Not Lose Hope

It is easy to lose hope when one reads or listens to the news. What's happening we feel, when the fence eats the crop? Is there anything that is under control? Is there justice, law and order?

Or will people get away with anything. Crimes, rapes, murders, cheating, plundering, looting, lying, thieving?

Why we must not lose hope is because of this; the press rarely reports the good news. The bad news is splashed up front because it excites us all. The good news is hidden inside and not always reported.

Anyway, what's to report in good news, many feel. People are doing their job aren't they? They are supposed to do it. Yessir, they are also not seeking your attention as they are holding the edifice up.

This is how it works (as I see it).

Typically the guys who are doing their job are too busy doing their job to bother about getting into the news with idiotic revelations, demonstrations, interviews, accusations etc. They are not bothered about raking up a muck because they know that each moment is precious. They are plugging the leaks, collecting evidence, preparing files, making their cases stronger, seeing the the deserving get justice - quietly. We won't see them, hear them but they are there, holding up the structure, which thankfully is intact.

The guys who are always in the news are the ones who have nothing constructive to do. They will make a leak and blame it on someone else, they will demonstrate, they will lie, they will accuse, throw tantrums - you  know they have not done a day's honest work. They hope to intimidate, shake off, threaten, the honest workers with all kinds of such boorish behavior. They have a selfish agenda of promoting their own interests and it is quite clear when one is only poking holes at the work that others are doing while doing nothing constructive of their own.

For example the politicians and their dramas in the recent Uttarakhand tragedy were all first page stuff. Little is known of the people who braved the danger, risked their lives - be it the armed forces or civilians, or even local officials who I am sure sat up day and night trying to do their best. Not a single name can be recalled but surely there were many - the armed forces surely at the forefront - of those bravehearts.

For every such 'newsworthy' destructive chap who gets into the news with petty issues, there are several 'boring' people who are going about doing their job efficiently, even going beyond the call of their duty. Not only their own job, but these people have to do the job that the others are not doing and on top of it, plug the leaks and breaches the destructive guys are causing.

And there are enough of those around in this world who don't get reported, who have no wish to get reported for doing their job. And that's why we must not lose hope. Because the majority lies here. There's little space in the news to report them all.

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