Sunday, July 28, 2013

Random Incidents

While travelling on one of the roads off the ORR, Amar and I hit upon a railway crossing. And it was closed as well. There were people getting off their vehicles for a stretch, for a breath of fresh air, peering at both sides of the track wondering where the train would make its appearance from and a few others, buying the fruits and food stuffs sold by the roadside. This being a rather small place, there were two sellers - both selling guavas.

What caught my attention was the guava seller on the right. He was in his twenties, with his two or three year old son. They were both playing, oblivious to all the crowds watching them. In a while they were joined by an old man, presumably the grandfather. The three of them played around, laughed so that we could all see their teeth shining bright, until the grandfather decided to take the child away into their home, on his shoulders.

It was evident that they were living on meagre resources. But they were so happy. Their laughter seemed so rare, so precious. I looked around and found none in the cars, in the buses and motor bikes laughing or smiling. They were all watching - perhaps enviously. What made the so happy? Why are they laughing so contentedly?

More importantly, why were we not able able to laugh? Why were we not able to enjoy life, the moment?


Rajendra said...

not a laughing matter.

Harimohan said...

Not at all. It's a matter to be taken with utmost seriousness. No smiling whatsoever allowed.