Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What We Can Do Well

Things we can do well are:

1) Lay bad roads
2) Drive badly, park badly
3) Blame someone else all the time
4) Do whatever pleases us without worrying about others
5) Throw trash all over
6) Bribe, accept bribes, somehow beat the system
7) Play loud music on festivals and erect shamianas
8) Not do our job
9) Criticize everyone else while not doing our job
10) Spit anyplace
11) Pee anyplace
12) Rush ahead in queues
13) Rush for anything free
14) Steal anything if we think we cannot get caught (downloading for instance)
15) Ogle at women if we think we cannot get caught
16) Play loud music on mobile phones, shout loudly on mobile phones in movie theatres
17) Comment irresponsibly on all and sundry because there is a space to comment
18) Write graffiti on national monuments
19) Copy ideas shamelessly
20) Try to cheat somehow, somewhere
21) Act self righteous and hurt
Why do I get the feeling that I missed some important stuff? Anyway, there's always tomorrow. 


Rajendra said...

Mardon wali baat..or baataan.

Harimohan said...

Yes, talk and talk. And not do.