Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Aura - Movie review

An epileptic taxidermist who fantasises about the perfect crime goes on a hunting trip with his friend. He shoots a man accidentally, the owner of the resort and a criminal who is indulging in robbing money from vans transporting the local casino's profits. With the man dead, and some clues to what he does, Mr. Taxidermist takes over the role of a criminal easily - instead of worrying about being caught for murder. For someone who speaks little and whose face conveys little it is easy - all the other criminals believe him, no one is bothered about the dead man rotting away, and the perfect crime is almost committed.

The story unfolds slowly, too slowly for my liking, and leaves certain important areas conveniently unexplained. Like how the dead man is never discovered, how no one suspects a newcomer who says nothing and who speaks in contradictions and whose only plus seems to be his photographic memory - which also fails him. Anyway, I got too bored by the time it ended to be bothered about what happened and why. Some linear stories please, where all the ends are tied up and are plausible. If you like slow, read as real slow movies, with long shots and minimal dialogue, unattractive protagonists, 'Aura' is the perfect movie for you. For me - nope, don't work.

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