Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Martha Marcy May Marlene - Movie Review

Another incomprehensible movie that ended a week of such movies. This time a young woman who joins a cult realises that it is not really what she thought it was. The leader of the cult is crazy, a rapist, a thief and perhaps a killer too and this is all revealed in flashbacks throughout the movie. The cult is also crazy, male dominated and has some weird rituals that are best left to them.

The first scene shows the young girl escaping, calling her sister and being picked up by her. She is taken by her sister to her idyllic home by a lake where she lives with her husband. In a short time everyone knows that clearly the cult girl, Marcy, is disturbed.

She goes on showing glimpses of how disturbed he is and why. As she behaves in more and more complex fashion, she disturbs the residents of the house, her sister and her brother in law too, while being careful  enough to reveal nothing of her abusive days in the cult. Finally everyone is tired and Marcy is shifted to a place where she can be treated. Of course she imagines that her cult friends are following her in he end.

Were there moments? I don't know. The end was dull though there could have been some closure. We'll never know what happens to all the people in the movie finally. But that's okay - we have better things to do.

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