Sunday, July 14, 2013

Come September - Movie Review

I watched this old favorite of mine once again and I fell in love all over again with Gina Lollobrigida with whom I had fallen in love almost thirty years ago as a college student. This time, I also fell in love with this wonderfully romantic story and the cheeky one liners that constantly keep popping up throughout the highly entertaining movie. Not to miss out on some fine wisdom to couples in love. Ahhh, sublime. Give me the oldies any day.

Rock Hudson as the American millionaire, Talbot, who visits Milan every September, which is also a rendezvous with his Italian girlfriend Lisa, is debonair and perfect. Lisa (an energetic and sexy Gina L), is fully aware that Talbot is not popping the question and decides to marry someone else. But the moment Talbot speaks to her, all her resolve dissolves and she goes to meet him at his villa.

Meanwhile Talbot's super smooth and highly loveable criminal major domo has converted his villa into a hotel - and he is surprised at this early and unexpected visit by his boss. His series of smooth lies are soon exposed and Talbot fires him - but ends up playing chaperone to the bunch of young girls who are staying at the hotel. The girls are being wooed by a bunch of young men. How the young men try to get past Talbot to get to the girls, how Talbot tries to protect the girls and how everyone in the bargain realises what's good for everyone is what makes up the rest of the story.

Light. Funny. Romantic. Clever. Smooth. Saucy. Irreverent. Everything is perfect. The casting, the plot, the dialogue, the music - nothing is out of place. And when Gina Lollobrigida winks at the camera in the end, the heart does a little jig once again. It's like watching 'Come September' in the summer of 1986 again.

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