Friday, July 12, 2013

Consumer Experience - The Good Ones

While I retain my right to crib about the bad experiences I have as a consumer, I would also like to bring up the times when good consumer service brought a smile to my face. This incident happened a couple of months ago, but I have been meaning to write about it.

1) Returning from Warangal on a two way ticket at the toll gate, I realised that I had misplaced the ticket (which I presumed was to be shown to claim the benefit on the return journey). As my turn approached and I did not find the ticket, I reached for my wallet and was about to tell the young lad, no more than 18-20 years old, that I lost the ticket and I was prepared to buy the one way ticket.

But before I could say a word, the young kid who had seen me fumbling in my dashboard etc while I was waiting, waved me aside, and said that he had checked my vehicle number on the computer and that it was enough for him to know about the return ticket I bought. Ahh, what a pleasant surprise. Imagine going to a bank without a receipt, a cheque book, a passbook and getting things done. Or any of those government departments we are used to, where people snap at you even if you have all the documents. Wonderful stuff and it really bucked my spirits that day to see such efficiency.

2) A week ago, the young officer at the security check at the Mumbai airport actually greeted me 'Good evening sir, How are you?' and politely indicated that I raise my arms. I almost fell off. Never have I met any officer who was anything but dour faced, who always searched me and my face for all traces of mischief, and none who even a glimpse of a smile. I assumed then, that perhaps they were trained not to smile lest the wrong types get friendly with them, but here was someone who was actually wishing me and treating me with respect and not like a criminal. But here's the best part. However pleasant, polite and respectful the young man was, he was equally through in his check up, which is wonderful. Having done a good job, he smiled again, and showed me along respectfully. You can do a good job with a smile too! And it really opened my eyes to this profession - which I thought required them to scowl at your always. Well done young man, may your tribe increase.

Hopefully I will find more such cases to report. We do need some good stories here.


Rajendra said...

They are rare, but they are there..dhoondhte raho!

Dr. Seven said...

Great initiative by the toll attendant! And the security guy showed how much a simple smile and basic courtesy can do to make someone's day!

Harimohan said...

I suppose if I look for more of those I will find more of them. Let's see what comes up when I go with this mindset.