Monday, July 22, 2013

Swamy Ra Ra - Movie Review

Nice pic. Too much in slow motion though and I wonder why, so much so that you feel that the movie is fine in fast fwd. But nicely worked out script and shown pretty decently, some memorable characters and some familiar plots and outlines. But all in all, it tips over the half way mark which is good.

An idol worth Rs. 10 crore is stolen and is doing the rounds of the market (liked the way the value increases from Rs. 0). Gets into the hands of a double crosser in a gang (why was he sent alone?). Before he is caught by his own gang members (who somehow do not suspect him at all), he slips it into the bag of the heroine Swati, a journalist, who has fallen in love with a pickpocket, Nikhil, who poses as a software engineer, and falls in love with her in return. Get the pick pocket gang of three (what are they to each other?) and show some well researched pick pocketing and diversion tactics - until they get hold of the idol from the jouro's bag by chance.

The killer gang finds out that the idol is with the girl and kidnaps her. But the pickpockets have already sold off the idol to an idol seller who sells it off to two Africans for 10 crores. The pickpocket has been given an ultimatum to get the idol back else lose the girl. So we have several people double crossing one another to get the money and the idol and end up in a Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron kind of scene where everyone is running after one another. But after some hectic running about and shooting one another all's well and that ends well. Idol found, money found. All we need is for the pickpocket to get a job in HP - but with the money he has he could do better right?

Thought there were some loose ends that needed tidying up. The chemistry between Swati and Nikhil is just not there. Swati is wasted - her role is not too clearly etched - the character seems too naive to play a journalist, maybe she would have been better off as a good hearted, naive tuition teacher. The pick pocket girl, Puja, does a good job. There are times when the director puts one over the audience cinematically, they serve a limited purpose. Like the two killers who discuss Silk Smitha and casually kill off some important chap for a Minister who wander into the last scene again - their only job was to stop a Scorpio full of thugs and make off with it. (What were the thugs doing, running off?) I could not understand how all these people put the idol in their pockets as if it were some candy - arre bhai, its a powerful idol - show some respect. But overall I liked it, liked the debutante director's Sudhir Varma's work, which shows lots of promise.

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