Sunday, July 28, 2013

Anjali's Third Blog - How was Golconda

This is Anjali's third blog about her Golconda trip. Looking at the pace of keying in the words I asked her if she needed any help. She indicated that some help in that direction may help. I helped her out and keyed in the words while she read out what she wrote in her notebook.
"I climbed all the way to the top by myself"

 "I went to Golconda. I thought there would be lots of towers instead there was grass too. Nobody can count the steps. It was fat and tall. I was trying to go first. It is so tall and so fat that it was tough to climb to the top of the terrace. We took lots of pictures there and had lots of fun

 I just don’t know how it would be. My eyes tell me how the world is. My Dad’s body was sweating so much.

 I love Golconda fort a lot. At the top it was so good. I felt so proud of myself. That I climbed on my own without anybody helping me. I like exploring the world and having so many adventures."

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Madhav said...


Golconda is a very cool place. I like going there too.