Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thought for the Day - What You Want Is Not Outside, It's Inside

I was looking at a self-help book. 'All that you want and more' it promised its readers. I wonder, is it really about acquiring all we want or crave for? Or is finding the peace inside so that we get only what we really want?

To get the peace inside we need to clear out some unwanted stuff. Old baggage if you may. When we have the space, we can get what we really want.

Until we rearrange the interiors a bit, and make space, there is no point in wanting and expecting 'more' because we really cannot handle it.
In that sense, it is about growing the inner 'space'. 'More' is then on the inside.  Once the inside is 'clear', the outside will manifest. (I love the way the words 'space' and 'clear' pun in this context.)

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