Thursday, June 27, 2013

Anjali's Second Blog - About Nature

Here's Anjali's second blog. About nature.

"hi i am harimohans kid anjali p and i want to talk about plants,animals,under water animals,etc. my dad is writer i know you know his books like the men within,if you love someone. now lets see mom. mom can heal you. 

why do we cut trees? why do we throw litter? no save the earth! do not cut trees do not throw litter i will be a prime minister and save the earth i will plant trees throw litter in the bin.

1. we must stop cutting trees because you will get a lot of sun!
2. always throw  litter in the bin.
3. do not by to many cars and bikes because  you will get cold/cough!
4.make sure the city is clean."

Anjali, amongst nature
As I heard in the car today Anjali feels strongly about nature. She gets distressed at the cutting of trees because "even they have a life and they are our friends....if we cut trees there won't be any butterflies and birds...they will die...". She also confessed in rather great detail about how she wants to be a Prime Minister because then she can spread the message "..through newspapers..." and not allow "...cutting of trees...". Another initiative she thought of, and by now she was really animated and at the top of her voice, was of bringing all the attas (aunts) and relatives together and tell them about this initiative of hers, and about not using plastic.

I suggested that she express herself through a blog and she typed in one letter after another, pausing to get correct spellings, checking with us etc. I left the other stuff as it is, unpolluted, if I may say so.

Good for you Anjali. Your bit for your friends - I am sure they will remember your gesture.


Rajendra said...

Anjali, well done. Agree with you.

Harimohan said...

i learned this at school baba. thank you.