Monday, June 3, 2013

Bright Spots - Sunil Kumar, Chief Secretary, Chattisgarh

A look at some of the bright spots in our lives.

I was reading the article in The Hindu a few days ago on how the Chattisgarh Chief Secretary, Sunil Kumar Kurup, stood up and accepted responsibility for the Maoist killings when a fuming Congress President Sonia Gandhi demanded that responsibility be fixed. As a posse of politicians and top beaurocrats watched in silence Sunil Kumar 'saved the day'. He offered to resign, accepting responsibility for the security failure, as the top man in the administration.

It needs moral fibre, conviction and the noble qualities of great leaders we used to hear of the past. The good news is that such qualities are still alive in people like Sunil Kumar Kurup.

For every weak-kneed, spineless and self-centred official and politician we see, there are several such officers. It warms the heart to see such news being reported. And hope that many youngsters choose that path of self-respect, courage and professionalism.

Good for you Hindu for reporting and good on you Mr. Sunil Kumar. In days when people cling to power at any cost, avoid responsibility and thrive on blaming all and sundry through blatant lies, you could have shown the way.

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