Monday, June 10, 2013

Aashiqui2 - Movie Review

I am now convinced that Aditya Roy Kapoor can take over all Amitabh's roles in the sequels/remakes. Ah, he would fit in brilliantly in a sequel for 'Sholay' - I do have the scene when he dies in mind apart from his intense and quiet love story. In addition to the intensity, Aditya has a strange vulnerability, that Karna like look on his face of someone who knows he is going to die but who will stick to his path despite that. Of someone who has accepted his fate. (Someone script a Karna for this kid soon - he will knock the box office off its feet.) Who better to play the role of RJ, the pained rock star, in Aashiqui 2.

But take away the brooding melancholic and intense Aditya and the soft soft spoken Shraddha Kapoor and there is little else in the movie. Mohit Suri as always appears to be in a hurry to tell his story and does not tie up some ends. But this RJ, this boy with those sad eyes, is someone you want to know about. You care for him and want to know what he will do to himself with his sad eyes, and that alone is enough to sit through the movie, whatever he does. You root for this kid even when he pushes his love away and causes her injury in a drunken rage.

And then there is some fantastic singing by the new voices Arjit Singh and Ankit Tiwari. The music is haunting and stays with you. What's the connection to Aashiqui? Was Rahul Roy a singer who has broken through in that movie? I don't remember now. It's two decades gone. But Aashiqui had great music too and its still fresh in our minds.

Rahul Jaikar, RJ, (Aditya Roy Kapoor) is suicidal to start with, apparently because he has got fame and money too quickly and did not know how to handle it. He is an alcoholic and if the booze does not kill him, he looks all set to die anyway. What does Mr. Walking suicide note do - find an amazing singing talent in a bar in Goa. He makes her the biggest singing sensation - a tough job for anyone surely, has it in him to give her vocal training, loves his sur and sangeet a lot, does not envy her success, loves her passionately and she loves him too - seems to have found a great purpose to live. But then life is not so simple eh. Will she be a good enough purpose or does he need to find his next purpose in life. Will he or won't he, is the question?

Is it a love story? Not really. Does she love him? Yes, I suppose. Does he love her? Yes, but more like a mentor. What is it about really? I don't know. But it's a love story with a wonderful chap with sad eyes. Now Mr. Aditya Roy Kapoor, I'd like to see you not swigging the bottle, in something suave and mean. Should you go and watch it? Go for this kid. And the music.

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