Friday, June 14, 2013

The Paradoxes of Our Lives - Love and Responsibility

Where love exists, responsibility cannot.

Love can only bring out acts that are made of love. Acts of responsibility are not acts of love.

Because the moment the word responsibility comes in, the 'I' comes in. What is 'my' responsibility to 'you' becomes a forced, assumed, victimized act. Most times this forced responsibility brings on resentment and while doing the act we do it with anger, hate and frustration.

It is better to keep responsibility out of love. In fact when there is true love, responsibility dies.

In love, there is no responsibility. Only love. We do because we love doing. Not because we feel responsible. There is a huge difference. It is about freedom.


Wings of Harmony said...

I completely agree. For, a feeling of love dissipates, the moment you start to feel it as something onerous, something that is just because it exists. Lovely post! :)

- Pradeeta (Wings of Harmony)

Shobha Nargundkar said...

I agree. However, it is equally true that knowing this is one thing and actually feeling that way is another.And when you feel 'burden' where you know there is love, guilt comes in and makes it worse...that's why we have therapists!!!
This happens to me when I am not able to give myself the gift of freedom when i want....