Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Paradoxes of Our Lives - To Reach High Up, Keep Your Head Down

To reach for the stars, we must keep our head down.

A patch of the summer sky
Head down works both ways - as in a) keeping ourselves rooted and focussed on the job and the process and b) being humble (again rooted to the ground). We cannot climb the mountain if we have our head in the air. We cannot hit the ball for a six if our head is in the air.

The ones who are most in touch with their job, their work, the real purpose of their profession or existence, are most likely to reach the heights. Those who walk around with their heads in the air, may find it difficult to rise above the step on which they are standing. (They may, quite likely, fall.)


Vishakha R M said...

Agreed. Also, it is about the sincerity of the thought and the commitment to execution with a complete trust and belief that the results these honest actions will produce will be the ones that give you the happiness you seek.

Harimohan said...

Yes Vishakha. I also believe that the results of honest efforts far exceed what we can conceive - as in, once you are worthy of the current, it takes control. You soar into spaces you cannot even imagine. You do experience profound joy, gratitude and happiness, I suppose, because you are truly not seeking it really. You are at best seeking fulfillment in the process, when the head is down. The heights you reach are but a happy bonus. The six, is happy result.