Friday, June 28, 2013

Thought For the Day - What Makes Us Look Forward to Certain Things

Why do I look forward to certain things and want to avoid certain other things?

I look forward to certain things where I feel I can either contribute (or get something I like, such as praise, applause, gift etc). I do not look forward to things when I have nothing to contribute and I am getting something I do not like (criticism, rebuke, ridicule, penalty), or not getting anything.

When I have something to genuinely share, I look forward. (It normally brings the stuff I like.) When I have nothing to share, I avoid it.

I like it when I feel worthy. When I feel worthless I do not.

It is not about that place. It is about me and my sense of self-worth.

I can increase my sense of self-worth by looking to share, to contribute, genuinely. Then we can give a smile, love, knowledge, comfort, peace.