Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thought for the Day - Pursue the Moment, Nothing Else

This morning while walking back from the park, after struggling for over an hour to get my thoughts fixed on things that are immediate and pleasant, constructive and creative, I realised that I was totally focused on the future or the past, on things that were of no consequence. I was trying to control what I could not.

And then it struck me that I am always in pursuit of something in the future.

It struck me then that we could pursue, if anything, the happiness available in the moment. Or for that matter, whatever is available in the present moment.

When we pursue whatever is available to us - this moment, this thought - we end up going deeper into the present moment. And going deeper into the present moment would heighten and sharpen our awareness. It would also lead to more creative and constructive thoughts, ease the unnecessary furrow on our brows and makes life simpler.

The pursuit of the moment is the key to happiness. It is, I suspect, also the road to achieving your potential.

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