Monday, September 3, 2012

Ferrari Ki Sawari - Movie Review

Saw this cute little movie yesterday on video. Rather far fetched in its theme but it's nice and feel-good and its about cricket so no complaints really. And its a lot of fun.

The story is about a young talented cricketer from Mumbai Kayo Deboo (cute), and his father (Sharman Joshi) who is a single parent and who dotes on his son. And the father's father (Boman Irani) who is an ex-cricketer and currently a gumpy old man who bullies his son all the time. It all boils down to how the kid has to pay one and half lakhs to go and attend some important coaching camp at Lords. But really?

Obviously the Deboo's have no money. But opportunity (far fetched) presents itself in the form of a lady who wants to hire a Ferrari for her nephew's marriage for a couple of hours. Father Deboo Joshi goes to borrow the only Ferrari he knows of, Sachin's, and ends up taking it away without anyone's knowledge. All ends almost well until he forgets the car and the package of one and a half lakh. As he goes to get the money from the car, the grandfather Deboo confronts the evil nemesis of his playing days and now the evil selector Paresh Rawal, to ask for assistance for his grandson. The plot thickens and Lords seems to be floating farther away from young Kayo (a young man who has great integrity - refusing to claim catches when he touched the line etc). Anyway the Ferrari returns, the kid goes to Lords and it appears rather hazily that he is playing with Sachin, and all ends well. Nice, feel good. Also shows how involved parents are with their kids' sporting careers these days and to what length everyone goes to ensure that they get all that they want.

The cricket was okay. The manner in which the coaching camp becomes all important is really an important point because many coaches and coaching camps actually do threaten and fool children into believing that they are playing tournaments that are important to their careers when in fact they are not. I would have liked the conflict between right and wrong to be bigger in the minds of the older gentlemen but it fades off leaving little for element for drama there. Anyway, a decent watch and nice performances all around. No complaints.

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