Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Indicators of Inefficiency

The general indicators of inefficiency as I see them.

1) When all talk is about others improving their work and responsibility - and not about one's own.

2) When there is no plan and all that there is is hot air.

3) When there is no clarity of role, no concrete action - just bombastic, impractical and unviable proposals.

4) When sweeping statements are made without any basis with a lot of unnecessary but popular emotion.

5) When there is no logical, well thought of or reasonable discussion and only argument and anger - the idea is to obfuscate.

6) When one gets angry when questioned or when one diverts the topic.

7) When one avoids the main issues repeatedly

8) When one looks for excuses, shifts blame all the time and does not take any responsibility.

9) When one does not listen to expert advise.

10) When one does not ask or think of ways to improve and grow efficiency in one's area.

11) When one fails to implement any system that is directed towards transparency and accountability

12) When one obscures roles, misinterprets boundaries - and does everything but their work.

If you come across any of the above in you or around you - beware. There is inefficiency around and you need to ask some straight questions or think of other ways to get your work done.

Not surprisingly, one can see that most of them apply to political leaders.

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