Sunday, September 23, 2012

'Stone in love' - Journey

I've been searching for a part of this song by Journey for years. This is the part towards the end where the guitarist takes off and goes off solo (you cannot miss it) and its a brilliant piece that stayed with me for some many years ever since I have heard it first. It brought much peace and focus to me in those years - in 1991 - if I remember well, when I was trying to find some direction in my life. To find sanity I would run a lot, play cricket games for MCC with utmost seriousness and listen to tons of music.

I had a cassette of Journey's Greatest (thanks to Kumar) and 'Stone in Love' was one of those fabulous songs along with great numbers like 'Separate Ways', 'Send her my love', 'Faithfully' and so many more. In fact I did not like the song - only that part with the guitar and would often hum it to myself to focus.

I most clearly remember using it to focus while playing a league match against RTC at what was then the RTC grounds in Parade Grounds - in a 90 over game and with a rag tag team - needed to get some runs and I got an unbeaten 100. For long periods during that innings I hummed that tune to myself to get out of spots of loss in concentration and if anything it was highly inspirational. Towards the end of the inning when all there is is peace, sweet sweat on the shirt, tired limbs and the slanting rays of the evening sun after a day in the hot sun. Brilliant!

I lost the song but remembered this part till date. Until the other day I searched for it on youtube and got the name of the song. Journey reenters my life with 'Stone in love'. Listen to it from 2.55 min onwards.

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