Friday, September 14, 2012

Anjali - But we are all Different

The walk in the park saw us checking out some birds busy doing their own thing. I told Anjali that it appeared funny that birds seem to have a life so different - they build their nests, search for food, eat it and just go on. And the same with the animals. 'They don't have to go to school, no tv, no brushing their teeth etc,' I said trying to drive my point home.

After listening to my rather impassioned argument Anjali decided to put it to rest.
'But we are all so different no nanna,' she said. 'Birds will do their things, animals will do their things and we will do our things. Even you and I are different because we do different things no. That's all. Everyone will do what they can.'

I agree. No point trying to club and categorise. Let each one be.

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