Friday, September 14, 2012

The Hyderabad Diaries - The Cop Farce

 There is much activity going on in the twin cities now. Apparently there is a COP II or something like that going on (and I have no clue what it is about). I tried to find out and got bored and let it be. I heard someone say it is about biodiversity - saw an ad about a sparrow. It's apparent that people have realised that we need to live and let live - and surprisingly - there is now an awareness that there are many other species alive around us. Can you believe it? We are not the only ones here? And I guess the conference is all about that with a whole bunch of ministers and other very important people waxing eloquent about biodiverisity.

I really don't have a problem with that. But I do see these hurried efforts to beautify the city at the last minute (and make it all up like we have always been 'biodiverse'). Suddenly small plants are being planted along the road medians with little patches of grass being stuck around it to give it all a green look. This is going on all over the place and in a couple of days the entire city will perhaps be full of plants and grass. To make it more realistic we may even see some sparrows being let loose and some other extinct birds and animals as well. For a city that has no regard to saving up green spaces, a city that has become a concrete jungle thanks to callous laws and greedy officials and politicians, it is really the most hypocritical thing to do. I do wish some of the delegates take a tip down the 'not your normal routes' to see why this conference has to take place at all.

It will not change by putting up a few plants and sticking some grass and putting up emotional hoardings. We need to create new lung spaces. We need to reclaim the lost and encroached parks and maintain them. We need to create more playing areas for children. We need more water bodies to look at. We need more peace and tranquility and spaces within colonies for the old and the young. We certainly need more trees and greenery all through the year. I'd rather half the cost of this conference goes towards such initiatives that go towards creation of green facilities immediately. Biodiversity will happen automatically if we respect all that is around us - not by having conferences and painting the city green.

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