Monday, September 10, 2012

Needed urgently - A sense of humour, a sense of honour

The way we are arresting cartoonists (and even people who forward cartoons) and putting them away in jail on charges of sedition shows our sharply deteriorating sense of humour. Cartoons are all about caricaturing the perceived truth. So our anger at these cartoons is an indication that it has certainly touched a raw nerve somewhere.

The way we are targeting soft targets and letting the big bullies go scot free - those who uproot communities and rock societies with mass murder through hate speeches and outright divisive comments, shows our lack of a sense of honour. We fear their backlash and let them rant and rave, let them beat up and bully innocents, treat them with kid's gloves and arrest a few menials - if at all.

I think its time we got them both back - a capacity to laugh at ourselves and a capacity to stand by and do the right thing and not get scared by bullies.

Anyone game?

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Rajendra said...

I think you are asking for too much!