Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quantification of Effort

I was given an offer for something I would have done anyway. It is also something I like doing. But the moment the offer was placed before me I noticed a thought. Would my delivery suffer because of this offer? Am I better placed to deliver as an outsider with no obligation? It was then that it struck me that quantification of effort in terms of money would always cause problems until the mind is trained to think like a champion.

Delink Money and Effort
My mantra to all people aspiring to achieve 'excellence' or 'the champion's mindset' is to delink money from the effort you put in. Give your best shot at whatever you are doing. Make your plan, be the expert, push all limits. Linking effort to the monetary package will limit your performance. Comparing with the next guy will limit your performance. Whether you're an executive, a writer, a cricketer, a coach, an actor or whoever, this mantra would work because it enables you to focus on giving your best. And THAT will open up new limits, new boundaries. Suddenly your efforts are being recognized and valued. At that point, you do realize that the floodgates are opening as well.
Ideally, you'd still keep your focus on doing a good job.

Self- worth is linked to Earning Capacity
Our earning capacity is linked to our self-worth. If I believe my services are worth 'x' amount, I will get offers for 'x' only - though there may be far more mediocre services getting paid several times 'x'. Self-worth is not linked to the talent or skill or qualification or sensibility we have - it is directly linked to our concept of ourselves. Low self-worth brings low returns.

Problem of Quantification

The problem of quantification of effort is that if you think you are worth more and getting paid less, your delivery suffers due to jealousy and resentment and feelings of unfairness. On the other hand if you think you are getting paid for more than your worth, you will try to exert yourself and that affects delivery, which is not the way to bring out the best result.

Increase Self-Worth
So to increase our self-worth, and thus increase our capacity to earn more, it is best to push our limits first. That way we understand that we 'enjoy' reaching those limits. More importantly, these limits open up to further limits an,d into a new zone!

New Vistas, New Opportunities
New limits always lead to opportunities you may have never expected. As a person you tend to grow. To acquire a depth and a quiet wisdom of the way things are done. You see patterns where you earlier only found a maze, you have clarity and the knowledge that it will always work out.
So then, focus on growth. On giving your best at all times. On self-worth. On the new experience.

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Dr. Ranjani said...

Great post Hari. Taking ownership, recognizing self-worth and finally converting it into tangible rewards is the way to make what you love into a lucrative endeavor.