Friday, April 16, 2010


Ownership to me is the key to excellence and all things good in life. But its an oft used word that carries no meaning almost. Ownership in its true sense brings with it two other words - responsibility and risk. These two words could be stopping you from reaching out to excellence, to the best things in life.
When you own something, you automatically take responsibility for it. Most times I think this responsibility, or what we think is the burden of responsibility, stops us from taking ownership. But responsibility is something that's more mental than any physical work. Once you are mentally geared to take up the responsibility, you are on the path to achieving what you want - simply because you are giving it your best shot.
Risk is another thing that comes in with ownership. You risk losing what you own so when you assume ownership you risk losing money, reputation, fame, status etc. Now that is another thing that stops us. But if you raise the bar and say, alright let's risk this loss of reputation, money, job or whatever and go for what I think is right (what I own), the return could be much higher. Higher the risk, higher the return.
Responsibility and risk, two words one needs to get comfortable with before we talk of ownership.


Jayalal Thonour said...

Hi Hari,
I am very new to reading your posts. I find them well written. Read your plight with the publishers. I appreciate the patience you have shown. I am sure you will find some one who is willing to release your works.

You are so right about Ownership. I think FEAR of failure is also one factor that keeps people away from taking ownership. A major other guiding factor I believe is ATTITUDE.
Keep up the great work, all the best for the movie thingy happening :).


Dr. Ranjani said...

Excellent summary of the two most common barriers to success.

Harimohan said...

Thanks Jay. I am quite sure that the right publishers will appear at the right time. Like they say 'when the student is ready, the teacher appears', we say 'when the manuscript is ready (or read it as author), the publisher apepars'. Attitude is a huge factor of course!

Harimohan said...

Thanks Ranjani, our workshop review material for the week is out!