Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cricket Practice

I was at the ML Jaisimha Cricket Academy this morning with the right idea of bowling a bit and getting my health and fitness regime off to a serious start. In my current shape I am only good for walking and I think it will take me a while before I can get down to any serious jogging. The inertia of the last year, the weight I put on due to the medication as well as the mysterious aches and pains that bothered me for the last 3 months are slowing wearing off and I can think I am good to get back into shape now. No better activity I can think off than bowling.
There were times when I could bowl for a length of an hour and more without a break. But today, I was apprehensive about doing anymore than just getting my body in some rhythm and bowl in the right places.
There were some of the regular suspects like Rahul, Rohan, Lalith and Sohail but they had just wound up their practice. We waited for the movie team to land up and they did punctually and were sent off to play a practice match by Mr. Baig. After the match they got down to practice and it was then that I got a chance to bowl.
I bowled for about twenty five minutes or so off a short run up and felt good. After the initial stiffness and pains and aches, I got a decent rhythm. However after a while, I felt that the gas had totally dried up and I just could not go on anymore. I stopped for the day. Not bad for the first day. But it does require a serious look at my fitness levels. I give myself 45 days to get into a good enough shape i.e. be able to bowl for an hour at the nets and jog for 25 minutes at a stretch.

The Zone
I always found that physical activity like jogging or bowling or walking gave me that much required space to come up with that one elusive idea I had been searching for. Anything - as long as it is not punctuated by conversations or unfocussed thought. If I let my mind just be it always came up with an answer. Sometimes long distance driving does that to me or even listening to music. Times when the mind goes into a meditative state, the zone.

Movie - Green Zone
Watched 'Green Zone' with Bhasker yesterday. Was wondering what they were trying to convey through the movie. Not a particularly bright idea, I felt, especially since its a dated subject and there was nothing new he was telling us anyway. One of those times when I felt like I'd wasted a few hours meaninglessly on this planet.

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