Sunday, April 11, 2010

April In Hyderabad

It's getting hotter by the day in Hyderabad. After 12 noon, its wonderful to shut off all the windows and doors and chill inside with my feet up - a cool watermelon or a nice long, glass of iced lime juice for company or the occasional beer. And maybe watching an old classic or a Woody Allen movie. Post lunch there is very little chance of any sensible activity till about 5 in the evening so I shut down all systems and rest.
There are not too many mangoes in the market yet and someone painted a bleak picture of the mango crop this season. The fruit market across the road is full of colorful fruit though - the first mangoes have arrived, the sweet and brown tinged grapes are surely on their way out but are there by the cartloads, fat and green watermelons showing off their fresh, red insides, some sad looking santras that have shriveled in the heat, super shiny apples (from New Zealand or some far off place), the occasional guava cart with a mix of small and big guavas, healthy juicy pears in a cloth cases and of course the ubiquitous bananas in green and yellow bunches. Carts with coconuts are on the rise selling from 6 bucks to 13 bucks - I am yet to stop by for that sweet drink of coconut water. I have had a drink of pudina juice from a cart and it tastes like jaljeera, and the chap also sells some other similar juices made from familiar names. Ice cream vendors are all over the place, just as people selling dark glasses (imported surely, and original), umbrellas and caps.
It looks like this for the next two months for me - stay put at home most of the time, tend to the plants, do some writing, go for the occasional walk, watch the afternoon movies and chill.
There are times when I think that a getaway to a cooler place might be a good idea. Now to hunt for one!


Netpiler said...

Actually am planing to move to Hyderabad. But you seem to be painting a bleak picture. Is it really that bad?

Harimohan said...

I had to reread my blog after I read your comment to see how bleak a picture I painted. The intention was not to paint bleak pictures of course, and let me assure you, there's nothing to worry about except that maybe the temperature might climb a couple more degrees in peak May!
But it was written yesterday which was the hottest day of this summer yet (42 degrees C) and its part of our culture to complain at every twist (howmuchever we enjoy it) and I am the kind who works from home anyway, so really, the picture is not so bad.
And there's still beer, pudina juice, coconut water, ice cream...and as they say, let me extend a warm welcome to Hyderabad to you.

Rajendra said...

There was a middle in the local Nagpur paper today about celebrating the summer. It lists the positives, like relatives landing up, the ice creams and cool drinks,mangoes ..etc. It's 45 degrees here, by the way.