Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ownership Stories - A Review of The Champion's Mindset

We had a small get together yesterday where we reviewed the progress we made since the 'Champion's Mindset' workshop. Everyone had made some progress towards their goals which was to be expected anyway. We shared some Yes Factors, some Out of Comfort Zone stories and then got down to doing some work.

All Ownership Stories - 100% Success Stories
We made a list of all stories in our life when we had taken complete ownership. Moments when we had decided that 'I will do this come what may'. When the list was made, we figured that we normally got all kinds of things done, which normally seem insurmountable. Some space seemed to have been created, some thought that said 'I' will do it. And it was done. Career changes, life changes, big academic achievements, sporting achievements, business decisions etc.

Magic Moment
Normally that moment comes when something snaps in us. We have had enough. Pride comes up. We want to prove something. We realize we can do it and cannot wait for someone else to do it. It is in these moments that heroes are born.

Complete Responsibility
But what really happens is that in that moment we assume complete responsibility and that takes everything to a different zone. Our stories reflected the same. We decided to make longer and bigger lists of ownership stories. Our hero stories.

The Flip Side - List of Things That are Not Working in Your Life
To make things clearer, we listed out all the things that were not working out in our life. In other words, these are the things for which we were not taking complete ownership. The test is simple - if you are blaming anyone or anything for something, you are not taking ownership.

One Step
We wrote down one single step we were going to take, to assume more ownership of that aspect. For example is health was an issue where I felt rather helpless, I decided that I would eat healthier, exercise for half an hour at least and pitch in 15 minutes of meditation as well. In the area of publishing where I felt helpless again, I decided to seize control by talking to my publisher about ways to make things work better. And in the area of happiness, I decided that maybe I will give myself the liberty to go and watch a movie by myself one of these days. The thought itself, was quite liberating.
Try this, it really frees you from areas that you feel are bogged down. Just one step is all it takes to set you free.

Blame indicates lack of ownership
It is clear. Wherever you are blaming someone, something else, you are not taking ownership. It is an area that you are happy the way it is. If you want to change it, take a step towards complete ownership.

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