Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Words From Peers - The Best Music

I remember reading this many years ago and have also experienced this recently. Nothing uplifts the soul more than the good and honest words of peers. They mean more than the highest of praise from the best in the business. I experienced this feeling when my friends gave me a sincere 'well done' for 'The Men Within' and I remember that it tasted better than praise from the best known critics in the business.

Now, when Vinod Ekbote, the writer of some of the funniest stuff in the English language to me, a well known blogger, sensitive soul and an honest, conscientious Agriculture Officer with the AP government, picks my 'Developing the Champion's Mindset' workshop out of nowhere and writes good words about it on his blog, I am overwhelmed. Here's a link to his blog in question.

And what better way than this to celebrate my 100th blog. Well done Hari!
And thank you Vinod bhai. The next round of mirchi bajjis and coffee are on me!!

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