Monday, April 5, 2010

Praise For The Champion's Mindset Workshop

The 2-day 'Developing the Champion's Mindset workshop' was conducted over the weekend at home. The idea was to do it for family and friends in a non-commercial setting. I made some changes to the normal 2-day 'Recognize Excellence Within' format and tinkered around with the flow a bit and it turned out okay I think.

One of the main reasons why I did this workshop, and someone that I must thank for driving me to do it as an open program, was Ranjani and I waited for a weekend or a couple of days when she could be free. Once she gave me the go-ahead I invited a few more - some who came and some who did not. But like I mentioned in this blog before, ever since I saw Roger Waters perform at Bengaluru a decade ago without holding back an inch (irrespective of the crowd, time, context and place), I decided to go all out whether there was one person or twenty.

I enjoyed the two days immensely and learnt much - from the structure of the program, to the participant profile, to the size of the group, to the actual delivery and length of the program. Also at the end of it I was sure that I could easily make a 1-day program as well.

Thanks Ranjani, Shiva, Rohit, Aditya and Shobha for coming to the workshop. It was a wonderful weekend for me and we shall certainly have that reunion we planned.

Praise for the workshop
Ranjani wrote about the workshop on her blog and I am very thankful for the kind words she had for the program.

Ranjani is a highly qualified academic with far greater expertise and experience at conducting workshops than I have. Words of praise and encouragement from such experts are to cherish (one of the ways to develop and sustain the Champion's Mindset is to be aware of the good things that experts say about you). Thanks Ranjani!

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Dr. Ranjani said...

Giving and receiving praise is not easy. But working towards doing your best, always, is what comes easily to champions.
Thanks for showing the way.