Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1 Day Team Building Workshop at Alankrita

Headed off at an early hour with Rama Raju for the long pending team building workshop for Gap Miners. We picked up Rags at Balanagar and drove off to Alankrita, a fine resort on the Shameerpet Road. The rest of the team had already arrived - Nagesh, Anirudh, Rohet, Sundeep, Aravind, Srikanth, Dayakar and Srikanth Reddy. We wolfed down a standard breakfast of idlis, vadas and omelettes and headed off to the class. The teams were formed and the rules explained and off we went to the cricket ground.
The first game lasted an hour. Team A led by Srikanth, and consisting of Rama Raju, Nagesh, Srikanth Reddy and Aravind batted first and piled on 51 in 9 overs. Team B led by Anirudh, and comprising Rohet, Sundeep, Dayakar and Rags, started well enough and scored 20 in 2 overs. However they started losing wickets regularly and wound up at a net score of 20.
We headed back to the classroom for some paperwork. All members answered questions such as why they were playing, what the team goal was, what their role was and whether their performance could be bettered. They felt they could better it. After some discussion about the team goal, their own roles and their commitment to a common cause, the teams made a strategy to compete harder in the second game.
The second game started off with Team A batting first again and piling on 56 runs. Team B started badly and never recovered; barely managing a positive score.
A tired lot, we headed back to lunch, a nice spread with besibele bath, rice, roti, Andhra chicken, dal, Qubbani ka meetha and ice cream.
Post lunch we compared learnings from the games and how we could have performed better. We wound up the discussion with the characteristics of champion teams, the principles of team building and finally what everyone felt were their takeaways to the workplace. We ended the day at about 430 pm, tired and hopefully with some learning about team dynamics.

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