Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Champion's Mindset

One of the things about champions is the quiet resilience they show in the face of adversity. The champion always looks at converting the slightest opportunity to his advantage. Maybe the entire game has not gone in his favour, maybe they got off to a bad start, but the champion stays his ground till the end instead of throwing in the towel or getting angry at his teammates. Somehow, in his mind he seems to have the thought that says, okay, we haven't done well so far but give me that one opportunity and we'll come back.
In a team game, the captain needs to understand that he cannot get into a mindset where he thinks that the others are not putting in their best. It has to be always with the thought that everyone is trying their best, everyone is looking for that opportunity and everyone will convert that opportunity. one look at an MS Dhoni or a Shane Warne on the cricket field, gives you an ample example of how champion leaders behave in times of duress.
Given that space, even on a bad day, the players who are not having a good day can pull themselves back which is so important. But if the captain does not have this mindset and gives up on his players with a - I have to do everything, or a they are not trying hard enough - it somehow gets transferred as a vibration and that is when you see that drooping shoulder syndrome (and you can sense it in your bones that the team is going to lose).
It is a thought. But the champion holds on to the thought till the end. Like a weed to a drowning man, it can make all the difference. It is a good quality to practice and add to your repertoire.
The champion never gives up - in his mind, whatever the stakes, whatever the score, he is looking for one opportunity to turn things around!

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