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The Champion's Mindset - Workshop on April 3 and 4, 2010

I am attaching below the content for the workshop on developing the 'The Champion's Mindset' which I propose to do for a small group on April 3,4 2010.

The Champion’s Mindset

“Their discipline, sense of responsibility, total focus on jobs… and the seriousness with which they approached practice was clearly the stuff that separated champions from ordinary mortals.”
- Harimohan Paruvu in ‘The Men Within’

‘The Champion’s Mindset’, is a state of mind. Primarily, it recognizes excellence in oneself and pursues the path of excellence leading to intensely fulfilling lives on all planes, viz. personal, inter-personal, financial, material, moral, spiritual…
Many of us, however, meander hopelessly. We start living a life of compromise, a boring routine, a rat race… however much we earn or are recognized, we are happy only in bits and bytes.

Program Rationale
‘The Champion’s Mindset’ is a 2-day workshop that aims to bring out the best, the potential in each individual. The workshop is a reflective, experiential program that combines cricketing, life and corporate analogy. It works on knowing the self, recognizing one’s strengths, knowing one’s goal, finding the gap, fulfilling the gap and achieving the goal.
It involves taking responsibility for oneself, understanding that excellence is a part of everyone and sustaining that part in whatever one chooses to do – at work, at play and at life. It is about giving the best that one has, the 100% to life.
Learning Objectives
 To bring out the best within each individual
 To kick-start the development of the champion’s mindset and
 To start mapping plans to achieve high results in chosen area of work

The workshop employs dialogue, reflection, collective experience sharing and activity to promote development of the mind-set for excellence in performance and work, through rich use of analogy, metaphor, examples and shared experience drawn from life experiences in cricket, writing, career, team building, management, leadership…

Who should attend
All who desire to cultivate a champion’s mindset in life and achieve results they desire… Careerists, practicing Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Sportsmen, Organizational Team members…anyone with a dream and a goal to achieve…

Program Structure
The program will consist of 9 sessions, over two days:

Session 1: Concept of Excellence
Session 2: Identifying Champion Material Within
Session 3: Identifying Goals to Champion
Session 4: Detailing the Planning Process
Session 5: Steps to Reach the Next Level
Session 6: How to Increase Self-Worth
Session 7: My Winning Formula
Session 8: Ways to Sustain the Process
Session 9: Debriefing and feedback:

Key Takeaways
Participants will be prompted and facilitated to:
 articulate their personal and professional aspirations
 become aware of their strengths and how to use them to excel
 develop clarity on their personal and professional goals
 prepare detailed action plans to achieve their personal and professional goals
 understand and use tools to achieve self-developed goals
 understand and use tools to reach and sustain peak performance, repeat patterns of excellence
 develop follow up plan and support system to monitor and stay on course

Program Facilitator
About Harimohan Paruvu
Harimohan Paruvu is a novelist, motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and management consultant based out of Hyderabad. His first novel ‘The Men Within – A Cricketing Tale’, published in 2007, is a bestseller, and the first work of fiction on cricket/sports in Indian Writing in English. It is being made into a movie shortly. The novel has been appreciated for its inspirational content that is relevant not only to cricketers but is applicable to business and life (for reviews please visit As a freelance writer he has published close to 100 articles in various newspapers and publications on subjects as diverse as humor, management, cricket and lifestyle. He is also a motivational speaker and has delivered several lectures on motivation, team building and leadership through cricketing analogies.

Harimohan Paruvu is a Civil Engineer and MBA from Osmania University. After his MBA, he worked in the corporate sector for about 13 years, most of them in an investment bank, the IDBI, dealing with corporate finance. He quit the corporate sector in 2004 to become a fulltime writer, speaker and facilitator. Harimohan is also an accomplished cricketer, having represented Hyderabad in the Ranji Trophy in 1985-87, the period when it won the Ranji Trophy. He draws from his experiences on the cricket field and his experiences in the corporate sector dealing with large scale business projects.

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