Friday, March 5, 2010

If You Love Someone - Day of the Hometown Launch

Today is the day! The Hyderabad launch of 'If you love someone...' at Landmark this evening is all set to roll. I have sent out invites, called people I know and left the PR to the Landmark agency. I think Indialog supplied sufficient number of books, Landmark is promoting the event well and we have a couple of nice surprises lined up for the evening. All on the panel have read the book 'If you love someone...' so it's easier.
What needs to be done normally is check and double check with whoever is compering the show about the script they have prepared. Normally they tend to take this preparation lightly and goof up big time which happens more often than not. So that is one thing left on the agenda today.
Will post details and pics of the event over the weekend!

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